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Exhibitor Insurance Explained


Questions About Event Assured Exhibitor Express

What is Event Assured Exhibitor Express?

Event Assured Exhibitor Express is an on-line version of Event Assured Exhibitor - a portfolio of high quality insurance for exhibitors covering Cancellation/Disruption, All Risks on Property at the exhibition, and Legal Liabilities.

In its on-line form, the insurance is sold in a range of 3 packages to suit different sized stands, plus a liability-only option with £5m public liability cover as standard across the range.

What if the web site won't give me a quotation, but refers me to your office?

If you complete the application form on line and you are referred to our office, this will be because your application has a non-standard feature - for example if you cannot sign the declaration or provide additional information.

Once alerted to this, one of our underwriting staff will make contact with you to clarify your needs. Please note that the terms, conditions and premiums for insurance provided on an advised basis will differ from those available on this web site.


Questions About Cancellation and Disruption Insurance

Can we cover event cancellation due to terrorism?

Yes. Unlike other exhibitor insurance policies on the market, Hiscox Event Assured Exhibitor Express includes free terrorism cover in certain countries - see the Summary of Cover for full details. This does not include the fear of terrorism.

Can we insure against the fear of terrorism?

No - simply because it is impossible to define and fear means different things to different people, so is an intangible.

Can I insure against bad weather?


If your event is indoors, and not in a temporary structure, then cancellation or disruption due to bad weather is part of our standard cover. For example, if flooding prevents you from getting your equipment and people to the exhibition, then that is insured.

However, if the event is outdoors, or in a temporary structure then cover for adverse weather is only provided if we agree specially to provide that cover for the event.

For certain events where we are working with the organisers, there may be an option to take wider cover including adverse weather and certain other risks - this will be highlighted alongside your Quick Quote Premium - click to toggle between standard and wider cover and you will see the premium and Summary of Cover change.


Questions About Liability Insurance

What is the difference between employer's liability insurance and public liability insurance?

Employer's liability insurance covers legal liability for injury or disease sustained by an employee in the course of their duties. In the UK most businesses are obliged to have this cover by law-even if you only employ temporary staff.

Not all countries have laws requiring compulsory employer's liability insurance but it is still worth considering in order to protect against civil action by employees for injury or disease suffered in the course of employment.

Please note that some countries have laws requiring local Workmen's Compensation Act type cover, and you should check this if you are employing people in different countries.

Public liability insurance covers you against legal liability for accidental injury to other persons (other than employees) or damage to the property of other persons.

What is "Limit of Indemnity?"

It is the maximum sum that we will pay in respect of any one occurrence.

If the venue and all other suppliers to my event have liability insurance, do I need it myself?



Questions About All Risks Insurance

My hire agreement says that if the equipment gets damaged whilst I'm using it, I am liable for the loss of hire charges whilst it's fixed. Can I insure this?

Yes. Hiscox Event Assured automatically include cover for loss of hire charges up to 25% of the value of the hired item insured.

What about antiques, pictures, collectables or other items of special value?

These need special consideration. Event Assured Exhibitor Express is not designed to cover this type of property. Please contact us at and our underwriters will look at the risk on a case by case basis.