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How This Web Site Works

This exhibitor insurance web site was built with the purpose of being a straightforward, user friendly link between Event Assured and customers. You can get a Quick Quote in about 10 seconds and go to buy in about two minutes.

Completing The Form

See below for more on how this site works.

Who Can Use this Site


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 Questions About This Web Site

What is an Event Code?

Where we are working with an exhibition organiser to provide their exhibitors with an insurance facility, we give the event a unique code number which is recognised by our computer system.

When you enter the code (or if it is provided by a link from the Exhibitor Manual) parts of the application are automatically completed to save you time. The code also automatically displays any special Summary of Cover applicable to that event. This Summary will change currency If you select € or $ .

Why is the insurance available in 3 currencies?

In the UK, most of our clients will choose £. However, this insurance is available in some 28 countries, so to suit local requirements it is also available in € and $. If you choose € or $ all the values (and any special Summary of Cover links) change to that currency - this is part of our unique Dynamic Technology.

In which countries is this insurance available?

Following the decision of the UK to leave the European Union, with effect from 1st December 2018, this website will not offer insurance to Exhibitors based in the EU due to licensing restrictions. 

What is a Quick Quote?

A quick quote is just to give you an indication of the cost of the insurance based on a few simple choices including which currency you work in, and which package you want. The idea is that if you like the cover and the price, you can then give us details of yourself and the event so that we can send you a full written quotation. This achieves full contract certainty in accordance with FCA requirements.

How Quick is Quick Quote?

The quickest time for a quote currently stands at 7 seconds!

How long does it take to get a written quote or go on cover?

It takes about 2-3 minutes to fill in the questions. Our web site sends this immediately, and depending on your internet service, it can arrive within 2 minutes.

How do we send the quotation?

Once you have completed all the details, we will e mail you a full written quotation as a single PDF file.

What is in the quotation?

This consists of:

What if the web site won't give me a quotation, but refers me to your office?

If you complete the application form on line and you are referred to our office, this will be because your application has a non-standard feature - for example if you cannot sign the declaration or provide additional information.

Once alerted to this, one of our underwriting staff will make contact with you to clarify your needs.

Can I save a quotation and come back later?

Yes. Once you have entered all the details, the quotation remains open for up to 28 days, so you can return later to take up the quotation. You will need to use your e mail log-in and password to retrieve the quotation.

What's on My Account?

If you click on My Account this takes you to a page with two tabs:

Quotes will remain visible even after the event is over for up to 18 months.

How can I check the status of my quotation?

Go to My Account/My Quotes, and log in (enter your e mail address and password). You quotes are displayed in a table showing the status as one of the following:

How do I pay?

You can only pay on this web site using a current valid credit or charge card using the Sage Pay payment gateway.

What happens next?

Once the card payment has cleared, we send the insurance policy as a PDF file direct to your e mail in box.

What is Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is the payment gateway owned by Sage (the company which makes accounting software). It is totally secure, and using the gateway means that we do not ask for nor do we store any details of your credit/charge card - this is dealt with entirely between you and Sage Pay.

Does it cost me extra to use Sage Pay?

No. We pay them a fee for their services.

What do I do if the sums insured in the packages are not right for me? Can you vary the package?

 No, but if you call us, we can prepare an "offline" tailored quotation. Rates for tailored quotations will differ from those available on this web site.


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