Exhibitor Cancellation and Disruption Insurance

Your event, our risk(tm)

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You Exhibit is at Risk 

Attending an exhibition can be an expensive business. There is not only the stand cost, but transport, accommodation for staff, advertising and marketing costs, and more. All of this is at risk if you are prevented from attending the exhibition due to causes beyond your control. And if the worst happens and the exhibition organisers are forced to cancel the event, who will compensate you beyond the basic stand cost?

So what can happen to disrupt an exhibition? The following have all happened to somebody, at some time: 

What is at Stake?

You could lose or have pay out some or all of the following:

Our Exhibitor Insurance covers all this.

Exhibitor Cancellation and Disruption Section

The Cancellation and Disruption section of Event Assured Exhibitor Express is based on the same quality core wording as Event Assured Custom Built wording, and provides one of the widest covers on the market. Key Features include: