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How We Handle Claims

We recognise that the proof of the benefit of any insurance is in how the claims are handled. We do not farm this out to third parties, but stay involved from start to finish, even when a loss adjuster is appointed.

How do I make a claim on event insurance?

Contact us at the numbers shown on your insurance certificate. Make sure you take your insurance documents with you to the event as these include 24 hour numbers for use in emergencies.

Why do you appoint a loss adjuster on some claims?

We handle claims in Hiscox offices. However, if the claim is large or complex, a loss adjuster will be appointed to assess and quantify the loss. The Adjuster will also interpret the insurance policy and consult with the underwriters on settlement.

The adjusters we use are experienced in handling event claims, and so in addition they will work with the claimant to take action to reduce or avoid the losses, and can help "get the show back on the road".

What if I cannot get hold of Event Assured and I have a party stranded at an airport?

The Event Assured policies make provision for you to act in an emergency, such that reasonable additional expenses will be covered, even if you have not got these agreed in advance - "reasonable" will naturally depend on the circumstances, but one measure would probably be "if it was your money, would you spend it?" The provision is that you contact us as soon as you possibly can .

In practice, contact can usually be made, and a course of action implemented to deal with the crisis as it happens.